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Keep Your Eyes Fixed On The Light
Think victory, think triumph, think of overcoming. Raise your thinking; see the light shining before you and keep your eyes fixed on the light. All around you there may be darkness, but that does not matter as long as you keep your eye on the light and follow that straight and narrow path, neither looking to the right nor to the left. Keep on ever onward, knowing that no matter what happens you will reach the goal. The way may be very rough at times but be not daunted, be strong and of good courage. You each have a contribution to make towards the whole situation. Thoughts start from individuals and grow and spread. When your thoughts are of victory and you refuse to allow one thought of defeat into your consciousness, you are doing your part to help lift the whole world situation and attitude.      Eileen Caddy
What are the possibilities and potentials that are opening up to us now?  Positive thinking is all very well but we can too easily recreate patterns that are past so we need a fresh focus as well.  Only then can we achieve fresh focus and avoid slipping back and reliving old experiences of historical record.  Remember that internal cleansing will lead to external) changes.  Life is calling us towards new growth where we resonate from our core and gift the totality of what we can offer to life.  Only then do we attract true resonance from ‘now time’.  
To do this we need a fluidity to allow the structure or boundaries of creation to take form without fear creating resistance in the moment.  The path of least resistance enables a strength of flow to build up and break through.  Our physical mechanism creates new reactions within. Our physical system begins to flow with new ideas, new energy and new endurance. It is most often subtle at first, so we must support our own path of change with an openness to our possibilities. Our potential is infinite even if it has to re-focus and cleanse old patterns before we understand what is happening.  Allowing the path of least resistance to show us more ease, even through change. The water does not resist the rock, it merely responds to the change in direction and patiently reshapes the rock as appropriate. That which is fluid and soft can change a rock by mere flow.
To prepare ourselves spiritually we must surrender to what is, rather than what we think we might like.  Mentally we release ‘control’ to the Greater and stop deciding how things should be for ourselves, let alone how things should be for others.  Emotionally we require trust and acceptance of what is possible and what is not, without any manipulation of time of space.  And physically we must free ourselves from ancient memories and negative expectations so our bodies and our hearts are open.  We can’t dominate our lives to comply to our will but we can enjoy the flow of discovery through our joy of updated creation.
We heal resistance within by letting go of fears and dramas that that bind us to past patterns. We get to the stage where we are flowing easily with our path of Life, knowing that change occurs with our balance of acceptance of the present and that then we can focus of the future. We are releasing resistance to opposition and focusing on the love of re-creation, as we shift direction,or pause to find a new resonance within.  If we are grateful for and we bless situations enough there is no room left within us to criticize or be intolerant with the efforts of others.
In the past month some of us have been taken to extremes of opposites only to find that the components we have judged as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ are contained within both states.   And so the sides or the extremes come back into the middle and redefine themselves within that updated centre.  It is the true marriage of opposites and then we can have an active relationship at the centre of our being.  Only when we have union within are we able to attract external union should we wish to do so.  Instead of others looking into us intimately we take a good long hard look into ourself.  Intimate (into-me-see) can only become operational if we look into ourselves then try our knowledge out within life, that is true union of the invisible and the visible the past and the future, active and passive and so on.  This is our essence and all else is released as we are re-born into our new space in the fullness of time.  
As the changes occur we may find ourselves losing interest intellectually at things that have previously occupied us.  Anything we’ve suppressed emotionally may rise up and cause us to think we are depressed yet this stage is preparatory to an updated stage so long as we are patient with ourselves.  Finally physically we find a way to release residual toxic material.  We can feel a little motion sick while this process occurs as if we were on a rough sea.  We need to bend our knees to keep balance yet when we get back onto dry land whether it is familiar to us or not the transition process seems as if it never happened and off we go again.

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