The bridge across the void

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

We hear a great deal about how teachers should interact with those who choose to study with them, also how students should interact with those who are giving instruction.  I have always believed that we earn any respect we are graced with.  But recently I've been taken to issue.  All facilitators learn to cope with temper tantrums, reticent folk, those in crisis or those who are grief struck.  We cope with being challenged by those who think they know better and so on.  The people who took me to task were saying that the lineage of people doing our sort of work should be honored as we'd been chosen to continue the lineage. This is of course absolutely true.  If the person now concerned has proven their worth even more will be added to the lineage.  But do they know they are even being mentored by the person they are consulting?  The mentor will know that it would be impossible unless all  had been adhered to and honored from those who came before them.  This does not mean however that we should treat our mentor like a public facility or a convenience.

So should a student decide to attend a course they must commit without keeping options open e.g. 'I'll come if it's convenient for me’: ‘if I don't have any work that day’: ‘if I don't get a better offer and so on’. We should not claim pedigree but we must claim wisdom and worth.  For me I've just completed 33 years with Second Aid with an additional 7 years as a full time student then another 7 as a teacher at the college I studied with.  Now within my own area I claim both elder status, wisdom and a proven track record. I’m pleased to be consulted, happy to work out plans as to how to proceed in a group dynamic; to help finding something that will support or clear old issues that are getting in the way of people from reaching their soul purpose; giving specific theory to support life skills etc. especially during times of transition.  Support yes, wholeheartedly doing what is required for another. But taking over is not a part of the remit however much we care because what makes us think we know what is required for them.  Half the time we don’t know what we need for ourselves! And, never forget even if we are brilliant in one area we will be lacking in another.

In addition in early days of study people are inclined to take a couple of courses after which they run the gauntlet of becoming condescending towards others, or they start to take others for granted, or they become very ambitious to succeed and no one else is good enough to join them.  They wonder why their old teachers don't invite them into their inner circle and chuck others out to make way for them as a peer.  The reason those who taught them became peers and subsequently friends with others is because they either watched each other as they went through the wringer or they went through it with them.  Probably more than once.  They are a known quantity with vast experience behind them whereas the newly graduated are just starting their journey of being challenged.   If you can get your teachers to open up regards their journeys, the stories that they might tell you would make your hair curl, if it doesn't already.  True on the subtle levels as well as from those within life on earth.   We all have to practice relaxing with the synchronicity present within life.  We learn to listen The things that many of us are asking for are dependent on other things happening first! Relax! Learn to stroll rather than run, it is what one of my teachers called slowing down to speed up - now I begin to understand what that really means.  We see, hear and feel more when we stroll and we have the time to be able to process the information we receive. 

Visualize the void you’ve passed through and visualize a bridge over it.  It maybe a very thin piece of rope initially but gradually it will strengthen as you work on it until it is solid enough to walk across to meet the future.  In the last few weeks there has been an influx into the frontal lobe of the brain and many subtle effects can occur.  It may the the feeling of not being able to retain anything from day to day, it maybe a slight feeling of nausea for no apparent reason, it maybe eyes that seem to behave oddly or you get irritated skin over the eyebrow area.  We are resonating with the new but we don’t know how to integrate that within so that it empowers us externally quite yet.  So we ride the waves easing our passage as best we are able until we know.  As we reach the harvest time so what is no longer requires gets dug back into the earth as fertilizer for next year’s planting and we enjoy the fruits of the crop.

Look, listen and feel for the synchronistic events.  Having started writing this piece I had to go to London and found myself walking over a bridge across the Thames.  It was raining and windy so wet and slippery with many warning being given to watch ones footing.  Nearly across the bridge the symbolism of this crossing and the entitlement of this blog piece melded within me.  Safely across the bridge and out of the void enabled release of the old and anticipation of the new.  It’s almost like catching up with oneself as we move from one set of circumstances into another.  We safely wait in the space to find out what this may mean.

We meet the harvest time where all is safely gathered in and we can enjoy the fruits of our labors and those of others as we rest and enjoy our companions and we celebrate the space that joins the past to the future the heavenly intent to the earth reality.  Blessed be!

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