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This month we are being challenged to move beyond old fears we’ve inherited or created within our solar plexus and to reconnect to purity of heart.  The heart is the most innocent part of who we are and there we are free as to what we choose to trust.  If we were lucky as children we trusted our parents and thought they had all of the answers.  Later we found out they didn’t!  Have we been able to forgive them and ourselves for our naivety.  We transfer our allegiance from our Management Upstairs and Mother Nature onto our father and mother respectively at birth.  We perhaps lost our trust in the world through our fears imagined or not, or perhaps we became cynical as a result of experience.  Have we grown up?  We are having these deep issues reflected to us as a result of the turmoil being experienced throughout the world, which is universal even when it is presented in differing forms.  

Hopefully with some deep thinking we reconnect our allegiance to both the Management Upstairs and to Mother Nature as we regain trust in the Greater and accept our experience has been limited.  We still have respect and love for our Mother and Father as we open our hearts and accept they did their best just as we are doing ours. We revisit the void experienced at birth as we re-establish, redefine and re-assess and hopefully we move from old responses to new ones and grow up in the process.  This enables us to come into our own from a new point of expression appropriate to circumstances as they are now, as we finally release the past.  It is not that we don’t care, more we recognise the need to adapt so we’re looking for the clues to show us how.

As we all know everything moves in cycles and prior to moving to a higher turn of the spiral we will meet ourselves coming back on the turn we are leaving.  It will not necessarily present in its original form but it will be shock, the theory of treating a shock with a shock comes to mind.  This will give us time and opportunity to surrender old circumstances once and for all.  If we are unwilling to do this we invite repeat rather than release.  We may have logged old memory and stored it within the auric field,  If in the spiritual banding we lose faith and become tarnished within life; if in the intellectual field we will become bad tempered and frustrated attacking and blaming rather than acknowledging our naivety or limitations of the time.  If lodged in the emotional levels we will create dramas and stage a grief struck drama or cry endlessly our pain being so much worse than those experienced by others! At a physical level we get sick or ill to purge that level.  Regardless of where the discomfort starts we must experience all levels to a greater or lesser degree until the circuit is cleansed and clear once more.  

It is a tiring process!  But if understood it takes us forward and frees us.  Those who appeared careworn becoming stimulated and ‘alive’ in a fresh and new manner regardless of age and stage.  We are alive and alight as old issues resolve once and for all.  Then we stay in the quiet and rest and recover until the ‘new’ finds us, or we find it,  only then do we are individualise and evolve in a revised format.  That is provided we do not get too preoccupied with form, details and the mundane.  We look to begin to pick up the clues that lead us from one chapter to another.  We need to guard against over-attachment and the need to be possessive.  If we respect and honour each other then harmony is obtainable between soul and form.  If we can achieve this within ourselves then we attract this from others who surround us.  Worth working through that void space don’t you agree?

One of the ways to support this process is through our breathing.  If we have had a near miss when driving a car we breath from the top of our lungs with a ‘phew’ that was close.  If we have a fall out with a loved one because they will not or cannot appreciate our point of view we sob from the solar plexus area as ancient issues of not being able to get our own way arise once again.  If we have stored anger and frustration then that will come from the base of our lungs.  We will need to breathe through so as to re-engage all facets.  We meet the restriction and pause as we gently move beyond and behind restriction.  When we are able to engage our full capacity of breath without ‘sticking’ points we are beginning to clear ancient memories.  We support this process if we breath in though our nose to a count of 8, hold the pause between the in and out breath to the count of 4 then breathe out through our mouth to an 8 count, holding the pause again to a count of 4.  Continue this until it is easy and clear all around.  Don’t go overboard, start with 7 rounds and work it up to 12.  If you feel dizzy or spaced out then stop and try again after a rest or a walk.

When we cleanse and clear old shock then we are free.  At this time then the soul that is in me can greet and meet the soul that is in you allowing each to be who they are. It becomes both easy and pleasant to exchange views with good humour whether we speak of the Olympics, our families, our work, politics or domestic issues. Only then do we contribute to peaceful co-existence.   

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