Wake up!

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

During times of transitions we can ease the load for ourselves and each other by choosing acceptance over judgement, love over fear, communication over withdrawal and hope over despair. Life from another person’s perspective can make equal sense even when their perspective is diametrically opposed to our own.  This is provided we focus on what we share and not on what divides.  And if we are able to ‘see’ the common ground that being a human provides to us and we let go of the need to be right to only own our own viewpoint.  Only then can we embrace the possibilities inherent in deep listening and deep seeing of the bigger picture.  If we refuse to acknowledge our own inner tyrant who demands its own way no matter what, we may project it onto the world around us, pointing the finger at those bullies ‘out there’ without recognising their reflection is within ourselves.  What pours into us contains fullness, it will contain good and bad, positive and negative, love and hate,  it is accepting and impatient. If we only identify with those parts of ourselves we can live with and avoid the bits we can’t, we miss a major opportunity to evolve.  We need to be able to live with all of it while we sort out what we need and what is no longer of relevance. If we work with wise discernment, gentle acceptance, compassion and understanding we are informed as to the way to move forward harmlessly and in safety.  With an updated and positive attitude we re-shape our inner and outer relationships. 
Initially there is always an excess of frustration, anxiety and pressure around at these time.  If we are patient we begin to take responsibility as we try to transform and stabilise our irrational emotions and fears.  We must not try to control situations or people at these time.  It is a matter of looking within and it takes lots of emotional courage.  The consequences and pain of past mistakes will be reflected to us and we need to have the courage to release them and make the changes required within us.  If our response is to confront, challenge or try to change another rather than to look within ourself we are dealing with the ego.  Our efforts to easily destroy another or victimise ourselves, this only brings back to us the futility of our external efforts.  All that will do is to reveal more pain to us and to others.  Certainly the contents maybe the result of past Karma but they will loose power when we make a choice to lift everything up to a new standard.  We can only raise the standard as we take responsibility to forgive and free all concerned with our past. If we are unable to do this we believe we are merely  a victim of circumstance.  We can't be both victim and bully and it is preferable to be neither if we want to live in peace.  The delusions of the past do not need to be carried into the future
‘Knowing we don’t know’, is a wisdom,  and while we wait to be shown we get on with living.  Through our free will we make the choice to co-operate with change or not, but if changes are happening we will be uncomfortable if we try to obstruct it.  We can endlessly discuss or we can ‘live’ the change and wake up to it.  Once we choose willingly to unite with change, the fear, insecurity and lack of self worth recede and we are on our way! It is said that we must create the space internally and then we cleanse it, only then does the new enter in.   The ‘Management Upstairs”  affect changes on and through the Earth Mother’s administration.  They are united in common purpose even when we don’t fully understand the procedures.  So we don’t divorce ourselves from life we live it!.

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