PCC (Post Course Call) & online One to One calls,

One To One calls with Guru Dharam or Darryl may be booked using the drop down box below.


PCC Post Course Calls

We expect our students to find their course to be a transformational process and the support and connection with their peer group to be an important part in their "keeping up".

Past students have found it particularly challenging to keep up after the end of the course as the transition from student to teacher (and perhaps from old to new you) is completed without that reassuring and recurring monthly group space in which to share and be supported.

The Post Course Call is an online "diary session" checking in with your group shortly after the final weekend of the course (usually about a month later) and facilitated by Darryl using Skype - you will be advised of the Skype group call address by email after booking.

The first PCC group call is included as part of your course (i.e. you have already paid for it). Subsequent calls can be booked (and paid for) from this page.

A series of calls can continue collectively (or individually) for as long as required.

The ongoing costs are currently £6 per group call and the duration of the call will vary from 30-75mins dependent upon the size of the group - minimum 4 and maximum 10 people.


Group PCC Calls

Cost per person £6

Duration of the call depends on the number of participants (e.g. 4 people 30min or 8 people 60min)


Individual Support Calls (with Darryl)

30 mins £24


Individual Consultations (with Guru Dharam)

30 mins £35


Please select from the options below to book and pay.

Please ensure you choose the correct group call if more than one is listed.

Your booking will be confirmed by email.



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