Dan Tamone

Classes in the Surrey / West Sussex area.

Region: Surrey

Role: Teacher

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  • Kundalini Classes in the South East (Surrey / West Sussex) area.

    Reduce Stress and Improve Wellbeing with Kundalini Yoga

    - Are you looking to improve your happiness, health and wellbeing in 2016?
    - Would you like to learn new ways to reduce stress and create inner calm and wellness?
    - Are you willing to trying something quite different and transformative to get you there?

    If so, Kundalini Yoga could be for you.

    So if you are looking to elevate your experience for 2016 and unlock your creative potential, come join us for a local class!

    Weekly Classes at:

    7.30 pm on Mondays at the Copthorne Parish Hub

    7.30 pm on Thursdays in Smallfield Centenary Hall

    For more information please visit: http://www.consciousintentions.co.uk/kundalini-yoga/