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  • PSG (ProfessionalSupervision-SpiritualGuidance) Video Call Sunday 2nd November 2014

    An open to all PSG call is scheduled for Sunday 2nd November at 8am UK time.

    The cost is £10 per one hour call with the number of participants on each call limited.

    Please enquire for more details about PSG and see.

    i-SKY team members please note that this is now a public and chargeable service for which you are required to book - as opposed to the i-SKYteam PSG call which you will have been invited to separately.


    Vsee - is a free program for making video calls over the internet which is more reliable with slower … ...

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  • Guidance does not involve telling someone how to be, rather it supports someone becoming more of who they are.

    The complications within life make some belligerent, whilst others try to become invisible. Freeing and honouring a life process whilst dealing with the demands of others, takes the skill of listening and seeing what is not being said, as well as sifting through what is said, to unearth the hidden gems already there but buried or perhaps undervalued.  The process is served by meditation practises that are practical, feedback that is encouraging and the support, guidance and … more

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