Watsu Provider

Watsu is a profoundly relaxing aquatic movement therapy based on Zen-Shiatsu, performed in warm water where the lightness of the body allows the practitioner to float recipients, free spinal vertebrae, rotate joint articulations and elongate muscles in ways not possible on land.
A unique way from which Watsu differs from many forms of bodywork, is in its awareness of the profoundly nourishing effect of being held closely. More acceptable in a water environment, such holding can begin to heal deep wounds of separation. It connects us to something beyond the physical, and allows for a profound and holistic bodywork experience that is like no other.

Physiotherapists, massage therapists and other bodywork practitioners worldwide use it for:
Reduced stress and anxiety
decreased pain and fatigue
increased range of motion
improved circulation
improved body awareness
normalising muscle tone
decreased muscle guarding and tension
increased energy
released emotional stress
better breathing and sleep patterns
increased lymphatic circulation
release of toxins
facilitated recovery for athletes, increasing sports performance