Moving On

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

~ Carl Gustav Jung

To live the life of the Spirit calls for real courage and determination, for there will be times when you will have to stand very much alone. But this need not be done with grimness but with the real joy of the Spirit, with the knowledge that you know, at a soul level, where you are going and nothing and no one will be able to knock you off centre. Come what may you will reach the upcoming goal in quietness and confidence, and if necessary alone, but get there you will.  Then you can expect miracles.

Now with the festival of Beltane behind us we commit to the new, the past is done.  No hurry we just commit and take the next step as peaceably as we are able to,  content in the knowledge we are all on the move.  We can now be flexible and intelligent as we start to work out what is possible as we ‘get real’ and work out who to associate with and who to walk away from.  We re-combine our skill sets and work with others who compliment us,  they will have differing set of skills to those we display, this is how teams are made. No competition only compliment.  As the new month begins we set forth on a new phase it is a sacred union between, doing and being, past and future and it is happening now.  We integrate the changes that have been taking place within us and observe the transformative themes of the recent eclipses and Cardinal Cross even though we don’t understand the full implications  of what they mean as yet.  We collect clues intellectually, emotionally and finally physically they start to manifest. 

Time to unleash our creativity and passion, as we fuel the changes that have happened and we align with all that is.  The recent new moon energizes us to become more pro-active, more passionate and more stubborn about what we believe in. It also galvanizes us to rise above the sometimes suffocating feelings of helplessness and desperation that we experience in the past with renewed faith.  We have our new part to play as do all others.  After a pretty heavy couple of weeks, this moon releases the inspiration to do something positive for the world and some determine to make it a better place to live, work and have our being. We have spent the last few months releasing mental and emotional blockages. Now is the time to move into the flow of action and see the inner changes being reflected in the external world.  How exciting is that?

Energized by the solar eclipse this moon is raising the energy on the planet and igniting intentions so those of us who have been patiently working towards the realization of a dream or vision. Now we will finally begin to see movement, as we and our projects find momentum. Things will become clearer and make it easier for us to find our way as we commit and so to move beyond uncertainties and find new resolution.

NASA have reported that the solar system is undergoing energy chaos or electromagnetic disorder.  The Earth is being flooded with high energy plasma as well as it experiencing intense disturbance.  We are a part of that disorder so it is our responsibility to align with the new resolution.  The event known as the Mutable or Cardinal Cross involves four planets, Mars the sacred warrior archetype where courage and self responsibility must be aligned to the Greater Good; Jupiter which asks us to nourish ourselves and others to maintain safety and comfort for all as best we are able; Uranus bringing the sense of excitement and asks us to innovate as and where we are able and not to get distracted by impossible ideals; and Pluto which initiates the pressure to push us into aligning with deep fundamental change as we release what is no longer relevant to our forward movement.  Sacred union between the Invisible Realms and the Earth at a vertical level and the past and the future here and now.  So expect miracles and celebrate them in your own life and within the lives of others.