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i-SKY - Happy 21st Birthday

Thanks to i-SKY I have been able to experience a never-ending neutral love. There is nothing better in my experience. During training old patterns fell away and we all blossomed. I have been able to see myself honestly and embrace all of me. Relationships, perspectives, energy, all improved. At the end of training I glowed, attracting all that was right for me. I was filled with trust in the world. It is more than visionary to establish such a school. It is courageous and committed. Darryl,The Livtar's Guru Dharam, Benjahmin (and other students) are the conduits that bring the tool box that is Kundalini Yoga. Whatever ails- there is something in the tool box to help. Its strong enough to sustain you way after the training ends, if you allow it. I had no idea what was coming next- without this training, and its ability to heal, I would not have survived what did. I am forever grateful. I-sky are there if I email. Darryl reminds me to Keep Up. They are fortification of joy, grit, growth accompanying me in spirit, called upon whenever I need. Its massive. Students continue to grow me- bringing me dark gifts such as stress, broken hearts, mitochondrial sickness, ovarian cancer, thyroid, interview nerves; they name it, and we work on it together. And all the while behind this ongoing practise, behind I-sky's invaluable school, are Yogi Bhajan's teachings. He is - in my minds eye- as he was the day my training ended. I was snivelling into my tissue. . I had felt suddenly afraid - that the love would end with my training. He was belly laughing at me "Its just beginning ..." he roared. I have kept the tissue. He has kept his word. Love is the word. xx

Anna Ward