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Happy 21st Birthday i-SKY

I first met Darryl O’Keefe and Judy Fraser 22 years ago. I first met Darryl OKeefe when he was instructing an advanced class in Spiritual Healing. He was an excellent, inspiring teacher, both with this and later when I attended my first kundalini yoga class with him. I had always found yoga just a little bit boring before I discovered kundalini yoga. It was exciting, powerful, transformative and fulfilling in so many ways. It has accompanied me on my journey ever since. I did the SKY training courses to deepen my understanding of this form of yoga and on completion, with no previous intention, found myself taking classes myself. Whilst I no longer do this my experience with KY has become a part of me and has proved invaluable as a support in my daily life, health and well-being. I had been searching and exploring for many years before I met Judy Fraser. From the very first workshop I attended I knew I’d finally found what I’d been looking for. Everything she said just clicked and she worked on a completely different level from anything I had experienced before. Judy helped me to make a sense of it all – to understand and release so much that had been holding me back. I obtained the framework, trust and confidence to move on as my link with the MU become stronger than I had ever imagined possible and the healing work I did evolved into what I now understand to be a kind of overshadowing during the healing act. Judy is a unique and extraordinarily gifted lady and I feel blessed and most fortunate to have been able to learn from and be guided by her.

Denise Whitworth