Facing your genetic memory and choosing to upgrade yourself.

Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

Genetic predisposition. Could it be the reason you react to life rather than respond appropriately ? We explore the notion of cellular memory/genetic material and how info from the past is being stirred up through our current relationships and lives. Looking at life as a series of lessons. Instinctual feelings arising from the environment you're in. Choosing between acting out the old or upgrading to the new takes work. We are a global nation. if we are to get along, we are to learn how to incorporate each others differences and find common ground, perhaps evolve beyond our old stored cellular memory and genetic dispositions. What once worked, doesn't necessarily apply now, and if we persist to force our way rather than yield to the emerging tide we may encounter or cause more pain and suffering. The outer events of the world mirror our inner workings and dynamics within our personal relationships to others and ourselves , and vice versa. This is a time to consider with awareness and observation, how we react or respond, what we will accept and what needs to be let go of. Our genetic predispositions are being stirred to bring up the old data to the light of awareness, be let go of and released, or modified and re assimilated in a new format to include rather than exclude. 

Talking about our upbringing in relationship. You cant stop someone from drinking if they don't want to. Differences should be discussed before getting into relationship. Knowing what we want and attracting those who match our vibration. Unless realisation comes from within, and some realise that their behaviour may be harming themselves let alone others around them, they wont change. Growing up, some wise souls in their teens and others in their seventies still finding out who they are. Arrogance without humility, means a work progress. Its not wrong to make a mistake. 

Not judging harshly each others mistakes and thus aim to not dish it out to others. No defence, no attack, just an open space, but requires practice and still we'll slip up. So others without practice, will get very frustrated. We get into relationship with someone who is at the same stage as we are, and even if we disagree we can agree to do so. If at different stages, it could be necessary to have time apart. We must decide for ourselves what type of relationship we want and how we want to be so that we give others a point of reference. Rescuer as a form of arrogance as if we know what the other needs, but the truth is we don't. At best we can ask them and they can give us a truthful answer but most of the time people give part truths where we land up in a mess. We own our truths take it or leave it, hopefully quietly and gently. if you ask me i'll tell you what i think, if you don't I'll keep quiet. Deciding how another is thinking based on our own thoughts is erroneous. Living to live with a light heart is what all of this is about. Getting rid of that deep intensity and go and have a sandwich and a laugh. if i knew the plan Id tell you.

No defence, no attack but that takes practice and we'll still slip up. Others with no practice, if you don't attack them you don't care, if you do you are thinking about yourself. 

We get into relationship with hopefully someone who is at the same stage as we are, then we may have a discussion where we agree to disagree without explosion of anger. If we're not at same stage, we may need time apart. We need to take time deciding what kind of relationships we want to be in. Its important we decide how we want to be, otherwise we don't give to others a point of reference. Rescuer as a form of arrogance, knowing what the other person needs, but we don't know what they need. the best we can do is ask them and hope they give us an honest answer, but most times we tell partial truths and that gets us into more of a mess. We learn to take responsibility and own our truths take it or leave it, quietly and gently. if you ask me, i'll tell you want I think, if you don't I'll keep quite. I have writings on the wall, they have writings on the wall, there both illusions, its ok, its just a comedy. Taking ourselves too seriously. getting rid of intensity and lets go and have a sandwich and a laugh. Where is the relationship going, well if I knew id tell you, but i don't yet. 

When we go into a foreign culture, it may trigger something in us.

Not forgiving our parents, cuts us off from the higher powers.We have to become our own people. we are children of the greater and we are presence on the earth and the earth nurtures us or not. How we stay up to date with it is important. The message gets louder. 

Life has a funny way of stopping us and have to catch up with ourselves. Time out is looked down upon in general. 

I assume I will do I will what I have always done. Everything has a life span. We don't like change unless we choose it. We cant live vicariously through others.

Facing your genetic memory and choosing to upgrade yourself. Watch Here

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