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  • Time to join the ‘oh sod it’ club with innocence and awe

    This is literal in the sense we must be a part of the Earth and just as the sods of the Earth represent the solid stance  so as to enable us to jump into another dimension, we must go down before we can move upwards and onwards.  It will dredge up old memories, old insecurities and old pain,  but behind that comes the enchantment of the new, and a solid base from which to operate as well as new joys to experience.

    As we begin to let go of the past and welcome the new we start to move with the turning tides and shift into a different dynamic as a result.  It has required … more

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  • The bridge across the void

    We hear a great deal about how teachers should interact with those who choose to study with them, also how students should interact with those who are giving instruction.  I have always believed that we earn any respect we are graced with.  But recently I've been taken to issue.  All facilitators learn to cope with temper tantrums, reticent folk, those in crisis or those who are grief struck.  We cope with being challenged by those who think they know better and so on.  The people who took me to task were saying that the lineage of people doing our sort of work should … more

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    We are meeting a fork in the road, both individually and collectively. One fork leads to self-destruction, misery, despair and hopelessness.  The other to a deeper connection with the inter dimensional or spiritual nature.  The roads merge again in the fullness of time and then they are able to unite in common purpose. The big decision is which fork holds the priority position for us. Is it the pursuit of our soul path, or material self-interest?  Do we work in the long term interests of the groups to whom we are attached or put ourselves first and foremost.  Are we a part … more

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    If we are able to find balance and honor another person’s wishes equal to our own we find that our pathway is relatively smooth in all  our relationships.  Not an easy ask for if we compromise too much, we sell ourselves short.  If we assert our status with too much passion all relationships suffer.  We begin to realize that the pursuit of happiness involves much more than we realize and must follow universal principles,  plus the appreciation of beauty, love for the sake of loving, harmony and trust so that all are honored and free!  We don’t have to … more

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  • Under the ‘Management Upstairs’ Umbrella

    Most of us are familiar with the dark night of the soul which precedes the miracle of increased awareness.  There we re- examine the disappointments and disillusionment that have led us to want to raise standards where we can.  What we are often not so familiar with is the Earth vacuum that leads us from one chapter on our journey into the next.  It usually is somewhat chaotic.  We travel from feeling we have no options available to having to many of them! Then we  have to focus on what is relevant to us, our skills, abilities and our experiences.  Personal and … more

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