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I don't like your website. I find it manipulative in it's use of a poem from a cancer awareness campaign. Your paragraphs of 'be the best you can be' surely promote competitiveness rather than dissuade people from a competitive nature which is one of the things I always believed yoga to be about . You seem to be more concerned with business and marketing than a genuine experience. ((( Darryl writes: Thank you M Sparkes for the 2*yogi rating - quite generous for a website you don't like, if I may say so. The poem espouses how we have always felt and where something has come from is less relevant than where it is going to. This is a business but it is based not on marketing but on the experiences offered - which have proven to be worthwhile for many people over several decades now. I genuinely wish for you to be the best you can be, not so you can compete more with other people but so you are blessed to fulfill your infinite potential - which is what I believe yoga to be about )))

M Sparkes