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Posted in Judy Fraser passed away Christmas 2018, quietly, at home with her family. She will be much missed by many.

This month is the start of the new astrological year as well as the spring equinox and we are on the move once more!  We require total vulnerability and acceptance of the role we have chosen to play along with absolute trust to allow us to surrender to the process that moves us from here to there.  As we finally free ourselves from ancient history that we no longer require we create the space that enables us to connect to the new that is currently entering in.  We do not need to assess of what that may be because it just is.  The MU and the Earth Mother decide our next step, and as long as we are able to detach and to discern what is being shown to us step by step we are safe.  It just is!  As we have tried to care for others so we will be cared for.  The result is not our business, it will be what it is.  If we are real and do not pretend, all will be well for all those who surround us.  It may not be what we want but it will be what we need.  We have to let go, and let the Management manage.  No control, no manipulation just flexibility and trust in what is occurring.
We do not need to be concerned when we encounter a negative thought or feeling within ourself as we make the transition.  We do need to be courageous enough to transform whatever is happening into a strength that allows us to emerge from the vulnerability. We may feel somewhat insecure or even inadequate but we are not given more than we are able to process even if we think that is not so. We are harmonizing ourself into a powerful flow of new energy. Change is inevitable, and Life is supporting our growth and our transition if we allow it to.  We often feel the need to go within at this time, this is partly so we do not interfere into the energy field of another, however much we may feel the grass is greener within their field.  What others experience is appropriate to them, what we experience is for us and will help to propel us forward towards our new placement.
Trust in the invisible which will become visible (the unheard that becomes heard etc) is a given. Time is of paramount importance and will allow us to pick up the clues which will lead us to solving the mystery of ‘what next’.  We can easily observe the massive changes that are happening all around the world in all stratus of life and living.  Many whose work is done within this dimension are moving on.  Those who having been serving their apprenticeship in the background are being brought to the fore now.  Out of seeming chaos comes the new order.  It is an exciting time to be alive.  There is no separation that we do not invent within ourselves, time to make all things whole and Holy prior to coming out of our cave space.  If we are at peace within then we are safe to take our placement and others will be attracted to us.  Not as some deity but as someone who really ‘knows.’
To open the mind start with repeating “I don’t know yet but I will”.  Prior to this say to your heart “I choose to love all including myself and I choose to be free”.  Don’t stifle what you consider to be negative thought, embrace it then convert it to a higher standard.  Claim personal power regardless of past experience.  In our primordial state we are peace filled, loving and kind and we are reclaiming that state regardless of what may have happened to us in-between.  Work at it breathe it.  We breathe it in and on the out breathe allow it to fill our auric space.   It is a good thing to do when we feel as if we’ve had a negative encounter, once back to a pure space we seal our field and return to the breathing exercise outlined above.  
Get friends and colleagues to discuss what they feel your good points and where our skills are and make sure we are all fitting into the bigger picture from personal power and strengths.  There is no need for competition only for compliment.  It is only through truthful exchange that we find the way.  Often when we begin to action the new form it tires us without us really knowing why so ensure adequate rest and ‘down’ time.

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