Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Instructors Course - Mind & Meditation, Ufton Court, UK

We are inviting you to Ufton Court for the Level 2 - Transformation - Practitioner KY Teacher Training.  The training will be led by Darryl O'Keeffe with Guru Dharam Singh.

Mind & Meditation will take place in two parts

9th to 11th June 2017 at Ufton Court, Reading  &

15th to 17th September 2017 at Ufton Court, Reading

What is the mind?

The mind has a material existence.

Thought has not been objectively measured but it leads to emotion and emotion derives from the interaction between the electrical and chemical nervous systems (neurons/endocrine glands)

The mind is not a thing it is a process.

The mind is not a destination it is a vehicle for the journey.

The destination is God/union; the mind the means to get there – or not.

The mind is like a shark – ever moving if it stops it cannot function.

It is not just your mind it is universal and is in receipt of all all the time but defaults to the familiar trodden paths – the most thought thoughts.

Meditation is a process which progressively makes you less aware of the gross habitual mind and more aware of the subtler levels of universal mind.

The mind likes duality, polarity, contrast; it likes to classify.

YOU are not the mind.

You are pure awareness (not just awareness of the mind)

Still the mind and experience more awareness.

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