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Breathwalk combines walking, breathing techniques, meditation and nature. All deeply benefical for our health in their own merits. Added together they make a powerful tool to greater physical health and inner balance.  

The Breathwalk form of meditative walk was developed from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Walking affects fitness, circulation, hormonal balance, heart rate, lung capacity and emotional balance positively. The combination of different breathing techniques , walking and conscious attention brings clarity and calm. When our mind, our emotions and energy co-operate in a smooth flow, we gain more vitality and overall wellness. Breathwalk is easy to learn and simple to use anywhere.


A Breathwalk consists of:

1, Yoga movements to assist better breathing and assist a healthy posture

2, Walking in intervalls with different breathing patterns

3, Stretch

4, Meditation


Benefits of Breathwalk 

INCREASED ENERGY LEVELS & PHYSICAL WELL BEING - Large reserves of energy available in our muscles and in our glands are ready to be opened and used with the help of our breathing. The nervous system can both hold and release energy when trained like a muscle. 

EMOTIONAL CONTROL - Our mood affects memory, what thoughts we tune in to and how we use our energy levels. Breathing Patterns can shift the mood from, anxious to calm, from depressed to hopeful, from confident to concerned. These shifts occur because of the interaction of exercise and the body's complex neurochemistry. The combination of breathing, posture and rhythm changes your mood. 

MENTAL QUALITY - We influence our mental clarity by practicing doing things that give energy to the nervous system. A single postitive thought can release a cascade of healing effects throughout our being. Breathwalk gives you a way to immediately and directly affect your mind / mind and the flow of thoughts. 

SPIRIT & CONNECTEDNESS - As with all practices of yoga, meditation or spiritual work, breathwalk gives us a greater sense of connection with self. Breathing, meditation and being in nature aligns us with our centre. It connects us to our sprit, with the deepest part of ourself.

The Human way of walking has developed during millions of years and in a way that has connections to all of the bodily systems such as the heart and circulation, digestion and even perceptual organs such as the eyes. To walk gives all these system a healthy tuneup. The heart gets stronger, the circulation in the body increases, the effectiveness of the digestion system becomes better and your overall perception becomes clearer. Just walking decreases the risk of cancer, heart disease and depression.


Become a Breathwalk Instructor

Breathwalk ™ is a development of kundalini yoga. Breathwalk has many health-promoting effects and is a simple, natural and effective way to find the way to deeper health. This certifying course is authorised by Breathwalk creator Gurucharan Singh Khalsa and comprises four course days, self-study and provides the basic knowledge about the breathwalk's impact on body and mind. 

During the course days we combine practical exercises and breathwalk with theory. The course material consists of the book "Breathwalk: Breathing Your Way to a Revitalized Body, Mind and Spirit" and a manual with illustrated breathwalk sets.

The course consists of 2 modules. Module1 is primarily experience-based. We go through the basics and techniques of the breathwalk. We learn how we can use the different programs for stress reduction, to get energy and to influence the mood positively through many wonderful walks together.

Module 2 is a build-up for instructors where we continue with a thorough review of the breathwalk's techniques and explore the programs on a deeper level. Between the course modules you have home assignments where you walk all the programs and analyse them as well as reading the material included in the course. We will also learn more about Breathwalk's healing effects and take part in the experiences of Gurucharan Singh Khalsa with teams of Breathwalk's more therapeutic benefits. We will review how we can adapt the Breathwalk programs to colder climates.


Certification and accredentials: 

The course level is appropriate for certified kundalini yoga teachers or yoga teachers from another tradition with some experience of kundalini yoga. Applications may be considered from others with appropriate other experiince - please enquire.

To receive certification you need to complete both modules, complete all home work and do the obligatory knowledge test as part of the training. The homework consists of reading the book, walking all the sixteen programs twice, analysing each program and recording two of the programs on your phone or other device. You are certified by Yoga Dimensions and the International School of Kundalini Yoga.


Dates: 16-18 July and 10-12 September 2021

Times: Starting 09.00 on the Saturday and ending16.00 on the Sunday. The course price includes the option to eat and stay at Ufton Court on the Friday evening.

Location: Ufton Court, a Tudor/ElizabethanManor House with picturesque and secluded grounds amid rolling woodlands near Reading, Berkshire.


Price for course: 

£595 (Earlybird £495 until 7th June 2021)

Price includes tuition, course manual, meals and accomodation - we offer simple shared dormitory accomodation and nutritious vegetarian food.


How to get to Ufton Court: Airports and Rail & Road Directions Download

ABOUT THE TEACHER: Camilla has many years of experience in leading breathwalk. Camilla works directly with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa who, together with Yogi Bhajan, developed Breathwalk and wrote the book "Breathwalk: Breathing Your Way to a Revitalized Body, Mind and Spirit." She is leading instructor courses in Breathwalk in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Camilla is a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, breathwalk instructor and has studied kundalini yoga at an advanced level. Camilla uses yoga therapeutically and arranges Yoga Therapy Training for Yoga Teachers as well as level two teacher trainings with Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa in Sweden.

Her classes “ 40 days -Yogic Rehabilitation “ gives the participants the support to start and keep a steady daily practice with yoga and meditation to promote deeper healing and health. Yoga Dimensions has recently launched “ Yoga for the brain” a course using the yogic techniques for better brain and overall health.


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