Breaking the Piscean Hypnotic Trance

Kundalini Yoga Masterclass with Guru Dharam in London

During the 2000 years of the Piscean age we have become accustomed to thinking according to a particular matrix which our culture supported and encouraged. Such unconscious conditioning amounts to a light self hypnosis and places us in a trance like state. 

The age of Aquarius has its own new heart centered mind matrix which will take its own time to percolate through our psyche and would be polluted by the presence of the redundant Piscean operating system - unless we break its hold on us and release it into light.

Kundalini Shakti with Guru Dharam. All welcome.

Sunday 1st December, 6.00 to 8.30pm

Essex Unitarian Church
112 Palace Gardens Terrace
Notting Hill, London  W8 4RT

email: londonmasterclass@i-sky.net

Price: £25 - in advance (£28 on the night)