Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Instructors Course - London - Weekday POSTPONED

The Aquarian Teacher KRI Certified Level 1 training in Kundalini Yoga HAS BEEN POSTPONED.

Following "credible allegations" from "multiple women" about the late Yogi Bhajan, KRI (one of the certifying bodies of this course) have been party to initiating a full investigation - see: ssscresponseteam.orgPending the result of the investigation and any subsequent action i-SKY is currently reviewing all our training course content and our relationship to KRI. Our programs will resume later in the year. Our continued association with Yoga Alliance Professionals is not in question.

i-SKY has always been an independent School of Kundalini Yoga and we are proud of our reputation as such. We are confident of the efficacy and ethical soundness of our programs past and present and will ensure that confidence now extends into the future.


“Today's Teachers need to question Piscean sources and explore Aquarian solutions.”


Experiential Training in Kundalini Yoga for the Aquarian Age (Yoga Alliance Professionals Foundation Course) (Yoga Alliance - KRI Certified Level 1 Course)

Our comprehensive 220+ hour Kundalini Yoga Instructor course comprises 180 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of home study (exceeds the current Yoga Alliance (USA) standards) and leads to membership of Yoga Alliance Professionals - "raising standards of yoga teaching worldwide".

“Today's Teachers need to question Piscean sources and explore Aquarian solutions.”


This course is non-residential

LONDON (Weekday) starting TO BE ADVISED in Kensington, London W8


The Training team for this course will be:

Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa

Darryl O'Keeffe

Livtar Kaur

Haridev Kaur


 The course includes:

• Use of  breath, posture, sound, and meditation to awaken & train the mind & body. 

• Kundalini and Yogic philosophy. 

• Yogic and Western Anatomy;

• Developing a clear calm meditative mind 

• Utilising mantra and sacred sound from various traditions

• The way of the Yogini;

• Developing a daily yoga practice;

• Developing a personal yogic lifestyle;

• Teaching modern Kundalini Yoga for the Aquarian Age.

• The ethics, role and conduct of a teacher

• Examining a variety of sources to determine a personal position


During this course you will: 

Learn to safely and beneficially apply the ancient understanding of Kundalini in a contemporary yogic context. 

Challenge yourself. 

Confront self-imposed limits. 

Touch your soul. 

Experience your highest, purest consciousness. 

Gain the knowledge & confidence to build a more peaceful and creative life.

Work creatively with a group of like minded people - most of our courses feature an affordable yoga retreat led by our graduates


This course is suitable for:

• Students of Kundalini Yoga

• Students and Practitioners of any of the many paths of yoga

• Teachers of other spiritual perspectives

• All seeking to deepen a yogic experience (including those who do not want to instruct yoga)

• Those seeking to develop a greater spiritual awareness


Certification Requirements:

• Attendance and participation in all sessions 

• Timely payment of all course fees

• Satisfactory teaching practice assessment

• Passing grade on the set examinations

• Attendance of 20 approved yoga classes outside the course

• Creation of 2 sample yoga class curricula

• Attending a designated additional day of yogic meditation 

• Participation in a minimum of 5 designated early morning group Sadhana

• Completion of  at least two assigned 40-day yoga kriya 

• Satisfactory completion of all coursework 

• Submission of course and trainer evaluation feedback

• Upholding the designated Teachers Code of Excellence


Please note:

1. The i-SKY Teacher Training team reserve the right to grant certification based solely on their discretion and evaluation of each student’s readiness to be a Teacher of Yoga for the Aquarian Age. This evaluation is based on successfully meeting the course requirements including, but not limited to those listed above. 

2. Students are strongly encouraged to submit all certification requirements within 6 weeks after the end date of the course. All requirements must be completed and submitted no later than 12 months after the conclusion of the course. 


  i-SKY offer the K1 course as both a Foundation Course recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and as a Level 1 course recognised by the Yoga Alliance (USA).

Full details on request.




i-SKY K1 Modular Course Structure

The i-SKY K1 course is offered in a variety of countries and formats mixing 1 to 5 day modules across 10 themes: 






Part 6   PRACTICAL TEACHING                        





This course is non-residential and is offered as 12 x 2days in London as follows: 

LONDON (Weekday) starting TBA


6-7 April 2020

27-28 April 2020

18-19 May 2020

15-16 June 2020

6-7 July 2020 

31 August - 1 September 2020

14-15 September 2020

5-6 October 2020

26-27 October 2020

23-24 November 2020

15-16 February 2021            

15-16 March 2021


"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself." Galileo 

 “The most important surrender is the surrender of your character, your way of being, so that it may change. If you do not surrender your very own nature, never will this nature change.” The Mother - Mirra Alfassa.


For general information about the course please email Darryl or call 01635 523900

For local London information please email Haridev or call 07427 622278

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U.K. Fees:

£2495 Prepaid or £2985 Pay As You Go
includes comprehensive course manuals, KY teachers association membership & student teacher insurance options.


Please reserve your course place with a £25 payment (deductible from the Registration fee) using the PayPal dialogue below (a PayPal account is not required)

The remaining course fees should be paid as a bank transfer using the details on the London Midweek course application form

Price: £25 - Reservation Fee (non-refundable unless we are unable to offer you a place)