An open Zoom evening 19:00-20:15 (UK time) 7th December 2020 
for those associating with i-SKY.net or practicing KundaliniMedicine.com

Beginning with a brief introduction,

before opening random breakout rooms for small group chats,

followed by a question and answer session with Darryl, Guru Dharam and other members of the i-SKY Leadership team

and concluding with random small chatrooms for those who have more to say or ears to hear.

Please suggest questions or topics (before December 3rd) when you register:

by email to: Q&A@i-sky.net

or online through this i-SKY Q&A Sutra link

Discussion can begin now in the above Sutra circle and continue after the 7th December meeting. Sutra.co has been created as "a safe space for meaningful conversation and connection" - becoming a Sutra user is free and easy.

The 7th December Zoom meeting code will be posted in the Sutra Q&A circle and/or emailed to participants on 5th December.


"totally transformational talking"