One Day Virus Cure?

Three tips and testimonial from Mohinder Singh:

Take 16 oz of fresh Ginger Juice.  2 ounces an hour for 8 hours (effectively called the 1 day cold and flu cure) 

Hydrotherapy - Get in the shower and turn the water on as cold as you can stand. Put it all over the body, including the top of the head and hair, for 1 minute.  Then turn the water to as hot as you can stand it, all over the body for one minute.  Do this for 15 minutes total.  Have someone nearby incase you need help getting out.  

One Minute Breath - 20 second Inhale, 20 second Hold, 20 second Exhale.  Or 15 - 15 - 15 - 15 - Viruses cannot live in the body when you do the one minute breath - 11 minutes or longer

I have tried these when I have had the flu, with a fever and common symptoms.  It works!!  Careful with the juicer when juicing Ginger. I have destroyed a circulating juicer because the fibers got caught in the spinning basket and burned out the motor.  I found a masticating juicer works well with Ginger. Careful with the hydrotherapy, it does make you dizzy and depending on your constitution you may need help performing this one.  It does break a fever successfully. The One Minute Breath is the hardest thing to do when sick, I have not been successful using this technique. it's been great to have these tools to use to recover fast when getting a virus.  

Darryl adds: Coronavirus fear is in the air. Boosting the immune system now is only commonsense. One minute breath for 11 minutes a day looks like a worthwhile investment.