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    ‘A declaration of love’… There are many things that could be said about this phrase. Humans are so used to declaring their love, without being aware that when they do so there is an element of self-interest and selfishness that creeps in. They want to attract someone, and they write or speak to the person as poetically as they can, choosing the right gestures, words and tone of voice, in the hope that the person they have chosen will be touched, charmed and delighted and will eventually be won over. And from then on, their loved one must understand that they have been & … more

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  • Not all Ducklings are Ugly

    Are you turning into a beautiful swan and growing up or still behaving like a demanding needy toddler who has tantrums if they don’t get their own way?  Are we sulking because things are not as we think they should be?  We’re being invited to grow up but will we?  Now is the time to reflect on our plans - and  where we need to make adjustments so as to re-frame our goals and to clarify our commitments so as to accommodate all, and not just ourselves. Notice how in our life certain things that we have been stuck within will suddenly feel like they are … more

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  • Are there any sharks following you?

    Is your opinion so important?  Has anyone asked you for it?  Do you know the full story or just what you have heard second or third hand?  Are you in a position to advise?  Do you have relevant experience?  Can you just listen?  Or, must you add your opinion?  Other people have opinions too and they may not harmonize with ours unless we are open to discuss respective values.   We don’t need sharks chasing us when we are paddling in our canoe do we?  We seem to create our own reality and it is the time to release the need for dominion over … more

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  • Finding Our Place

    This last month has been quite busy for one and all don’t you think?  We are reviewing old programs that have become beliefs through habit.  If we don’t change and update the programs then we run and re-run the old ones through habit.   Now with the Summer Solstice it is up to us to cooperate with what is required in the coming phase.  Change makes us feel vulnerable but it does not need to be threatening, we need the courage to be sincere, open and honest with ourselves.  Until we do that inner work of sorting through childhood issues and the history of … more

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  • Moving On

    “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

    ~ Carl Gustav Jung

    To live the life of the Spirit calls for real courage and determination, for there will be times when you will have to stand very much alone. But this need not be done with grimness but with the real joy of the Spirit, with the knowledge that you know, at a soul level, where you are going and nothing and no one will be able to knock you off centre. Come what may you will reach the upcoming goal in quietness and confidence, and if necessary alone, but get there you will.  Then you can expect … more

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  • Mental Strength

    Mental strength in theory can only be fully assessed if our heart is strong.  The union of the two becomes invincible.  The brain can only interpret data previously received.  Because of this the brain is a part of the problem because it can be too easily distracted, deceived, and defeated with old historical fear programmes.  The cure for this comes from the heart.  When the heart is open and gets past old damage we become able to flow love information both inwardly towards ourself as a person made to be the best we can be,  and outwardly towards all comers. & … more

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  • What is your love like?

    Love and loving is important so we need to ask ourselves is our love self-serving or disinterested?  Disinterested love expects nothing from others, it is not anxious, it does not cling to them, and it does not disturb them. It is a gushing spring, constantly giving without bothering to know who will come to take its water; it takes pleasure in sharing it without counting. Self-serving love, on the other hand, has a violent effect on others, for it is really only seeking to take, and at the slightest disappointment it expresses itself through impatience, anger, resentment, it lays guilt … more

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  • Times they are a-changing

    Old ways of doing things may not be what is required now.  We are being requested to follow life's lead and within current circumstances test out what we think is needed next, as we try the next chapter within our life out,  If there is a genuine take up as a result of what we offer then it is our next step, if not as an ultimate destination at least as a next step. If what we anticipate does not work out we go back to the drawing board.  What is certain is that we will no longer be doing what we have always done.  That too easily becomes an addictive habit and if  we … more

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  • End of an Era

    End of an Era (September 2013)

    Hello All,

    This is the final newsletter from the past era that is being sent to you today. The intention is to unite and honour the past and to acknowledge the completion of a life chapter.  Finally enabling us to surrender in trust to what the future is to hold for each one of us as we birth another stage. Each and all now as ready as we can be to meet the unknown, as it is about to make its entry into our space.  Finally the time for us to centre ourselves right here and now on this the completion of this years harvest, the Autumn equinox.

    On this … more

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