Therapy Training Module 2 - SPHERES OF LIGHT & SUBTLE BODIES

Deepen Your Understanding of the Energetics of Kundalini Yoga.

Directed by Guru Dharam and an exceptional team of Teacher/Healers, the course is delivered as intensive, stand alone modules all comprised of fascinating yogic science, philosophy, information and direct experience of holistic healing.

Here the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga is demystified and presented for you to apply therapeutically one to one as Medicine for the 21st century.

This course brings the metaphysical methodology of the Rishis and Shamans to current energetic healing practice.


Principles of Ayurveda, the Elements and the Doshas.

Psychological and physical profiles of the Doshas.

Chakras, their physiological, emotional and psychological correlates.

Asanas and their effect on the Chakras.

Kundalini Kriya Analysis.

Numerology and the 10 bodies divination and diagnosis.

The 10 body model: Description. How they function in health and disharmony.

Energy healing: hands on and hands off. Developing your relationship with Shunia, the sacred space of healing

*This is Module 2 of 7. Each module is complete so that you can attend them in any order you choose.


Heythrop College

University of London

Kensington Square


The cost of Module 2 is £695 is paid before Friday 12th August and £795 thereafter.  

If you pay via the link below the cost is slightly more due to paypal fees

For Pre-Booking and further information please contact Sharon : admin@i-sky.net


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