Level 2 Teacher Training - LifeCycles and LifeStyles - York

Level 2 - Transformation - Practitioner KY Teacher Training in York. 

LifeCycles and LifeStyles

When we can follow the flow of life we are renewed with each breath as we reveal the mystery and find mastery through all the cycles of life.                                               

Open to KRI Level One Certified Instructors, this 300-hour certification program consists of five, 62-hour modules (5 x 6 days). Graduates of Level Two earn the title of KRI Certified Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® and combined with Level One certification, fulfill the Yoga Alliance RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 500-hour requirement.

Building on the foundation of Level One, Level Two Teacher Training is about personal transformation and deepening the core qualities, character and consciousness of a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

In this level, the Instructor cultivates the yogic capacities of intuition, neutrality and self-assessment within the five mirrors of consciousness:

• Conscious Communication – Uplift and penetrate through the power of the word.

• Mind and Meditation – Conquer the mind and conquer the world.

• Authentic Relationships – Unfold your true identity in the matrix of conscious relationship.

• LifeCycles and LifeStyles – Discover mystery and mastery through every cycle of life. 

• Vitality and Stress – Cultivate the caliber to guide yourself and others through life’s challenges.



LifeCycles and LifeStyles

20-25th April 2019 with Darryl O'Keeffe and Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa


Anam Cara

Ash Lane
YO42 4SW


Topics covered include:

Success and Happiness

The Journey of Life

Purpose and Destiny

The Destiny Cycle


Renew the True You

Mapping our Life Span

Healing the Formative 0-11 Years

Establishing Positive Habits


12-21 Years

Diet for Life

Productivity, Prosperity and Sharing

Prime Adulthood

22-40 Years

Sexuality across the Life Span

Consciousness and Projection

Maturity and the Mid Life Crisis

41- 60 Years

Transmitting Values and Living the Legacy

Values and Ethics over the Life Span

The Elder Years

Character, Integrity and Merger

The Role of the Elder in Community

Time to Reap and Sow again


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"When you are one, two, three years old, all you like is your bottle. So your personality changes because the consciousness changes after every 7 years. That’s a set brain wave to which man has no control. You can think. You can plan. You can strategize. After every 11 years, your intelligence will change. These are the things over which you have no control. After 18 years, your lifestyle will change. It will not be the same because your energy, your maturity, your experience will force you to change.”

“It’s not about any one kriya, one thought or one belief; it’s about taking that flame that was awakened in our heart and spirit and passing it on so that this whole planet gains an aura of light as we transition into the new age. It’s about each one of us being so enriched by that experience of stillness, kindness and compassion that anyone who encounters us senses that same authenticity, depth and kindness. This is the culture of consciousness, beyond all religions, beyond all countries.”

- Yogi Bhajan


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